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Letter from the President

Welcome to the Wenonah High School Grand Alumni Association, I wish to report that the outlook for the coming year is brighter than it has been for some time.  With a positive, assertive attitude, nothing can stop us. We are proud of our accomplishments in such a short period of existence.  We are making giant strides in meeting our organizational goal of making an alumnus contact list while still proceeding to support the school. Rosalind Rudolph Young pres@whsgaa.org




The Wenonah High School Grand Alumni Association (WHSGAA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that embodies the spirit, knowledge and wisdom fostered by the Wenonah faculty, both old and new.  Our members reflect the values, ambitions and knowledge instilled in us by the teachers and staff of the Wenonah High School family.   It is our purpose to ensure the benefits and knowledge we received from our years at WHS are passed on to future graduates.

Est. 12 October 2006


Wenonah High School ~ Then and Now

Our Motto

Our Bright Star on the Hill

For Knowledge and Wisdom

"The Year of the Dragon"

Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence

Wenonah High School Hall of Fame

Class of 2017

L-R: Dan Reeves (1966), Business Entrepreneur

Judge Ralph Cook (1961), Retired Supreme Court Justice

Coach Emanuel Bell (1973), Girls Basketball Coach

James E Carden (1952), Alumni Website Designer

John McDaniels (1969), Former NFL Wide Reciever (Absent)

Joe Amos (1948), Posthumously (Silver Star, Vietnam)

Hall fo Fame Breakfast Photos

Wenonah Centennial Celebration (1917-2017)

Committee Members

Homecoming Thank You!

2018 Scholaship Guidelines and Application

The Wenonah High School Grand Alumni Scholarships are established to provide financial and other assistance to deserving students of Wenonah High School. These scholarships are established consistent with standards in effect in colleges and universities throughout the United States. These scholarships will provide assistance to qualified high school seniors who desire to attend college.

2018 Scholarship Application

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Laura R Peoples Scholarship Award

Breanna Jordan - University of Alabama

Margie G Curry Scholarship Award

Telvin Miller - Univ of South Alabama

Wenonah Grand Alumni Scholarship Awards

Kourtnie Smith - Univ of Montevallo

Jayla Morrow - Univ of South Alabama

Jaylin McCurdy - Jacksonville State Univ

Kendall Lawrence, Lawson State Comm College

2017-2018 Boys Basketball Schedule (10-1)

Wenonah 57 - Thompson 35

Next Game: 7:30 pm, Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wenonah vs Huffman @Wenonah

2017-2018 Schedule

2017-2018 Girls Basketball Schedule (7-2)

Wenonah 63 - Thompson 32

Next Game: 6:00 pm. Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wenonah vs Huffman @Wenonah

2017-2018 Schedule

Wenonah "Dragons' Den"

Bell - Culpepper Stadium

   Dragons' Gym Logo

Willie High Basketball Arena


Wenonah HS Alumni Message Forum

WHSGAA January Business Meeting

The Wenonah High School Grand Alumni Association (WHSGAA) has scheduled a business meeting.   It will be held Monday, January 8, 2018 @6:00 PM., Lawson State Community College, Thelma Catlin Auditorium. For additional information contact, Rosalind Young   

Distinguished Wenonah Graduate

To be listed, please send a picture (jpg) and brief bio to email: whsgaa@aol.com


Wenonah Centennial Video


Class of 1978 40 Year Reunion

Taking the train to New Orleans on April 22nd, 2018 to New Orleans. There we will take a 5 day cruise to Mexico 4/23 thru 4/28th, enjoying the Jazz Heritage festival in the Big Easy before arriving back in Birmingham via train on 4/29, 2018.

Click for Reunion Webpage

Wenonah Band Support

Contact Sharonda Hackett, Class of 1984, (205) 243-1504. If you wish to make a donation now, send check or money order to: Wenonah High School Grand Alumni Association Attn: Band Support Donation PO Box 28373 Birmingham AL 35228-0004

Wenonah Band Support Donations

Name                      Class    Donation

S Hackett                        1984        $200.00

Walter Wilson                                   $50.00

April Clark                      1990         $100.00

Keystone Construction                 $200.00

James Carden                1952       $200.00

Diane D Fann                   1988       $120.00

Class of 1975            P Rudolph   $200.00

Moody Duff                       1976      $400.00

Mt Olive Baptist Church              $2500.00

Class of 1980                                   $200.00

Class of 1974                 1974       $400.00

Band Patron                                      $10.00

Wenonah PTA                                 $242.85

R Scott Colson              WE '76     $250.00

Band Patron                                        $5.00

Timothy Taylor Shelby Co Fan     $100.00

Darryl Bell                    Patron        $250.00

Minnie Cannon Booker   1958     $100.00

Dorothy Myatt Rush         1958     $25.00

Carolyn Mason           Patron        $200.00

Alumni Band Member Fees         $845.00

Joi & Daniel Williams                     $50.00

Renard & Sonya Farrior                 $50.00

Kendra Hawkins                               $50.00

Church Transportation               $1000.00

Judith Waddle                                 $500.00

John & Linda Johnson                 $150.00

Patricia Faulkner                             $50.00  

Ms Emma Brookens Bailey       $1000.00  

Patrick & Jacques Debrow         $100.00

Curtis & Sallie Cannon Sykes       $50.00

Deotis Moore                                  $300.00

Edna Griffin Henry        1968          $50.00

Sarah & Leroy McFarland           $100.00

Kirk Spence                                    $100.00

Alumni Band Member Fees      $2684.00

Jonathan & Eleanor Philan         $100.00

Ralph Stubbs                                   $50.00

Merika Coleman                           $500.00

Alumni Band Member Fees        $250.00

Nathaniel & Alma Jenkins         $250.00

Band GoFundMe (Big Walt)       $7658.00    

Bryant Chapel AME Church      $1000.00

Phyliss Oliver                                 $100.00

Malissa Parrish                              $50.00  

Marvin Conner                              $200.00  

Cynthia McKinney Mobley           $50.00

Mary Sharp Nevitt                         $50.00

Remalning goal + 11,614.52

2017 Membership

Name                                      Class

Antoine Bell                                         1986

Lavern Bennett Williams                  1974

David Brown                                        1994

Eleanor Caldwell Philan                    1960

James Carden                                    1952

Wykenia Cooper                                 1986

Margaret Davis Jones                       1965

Shari Draper                                        1975

April Clark                                            1990

Valera Elder                                         1977

Tracey Green Young                          1987

Edna Griffin Henry                              1968

Nathan Hawkins                                 1984

Doris Mason Watkins                        1951

Cynthia McKinney Mobley                1975

Sylvia Middleton                                 1970

Dorothy Myatt Rush                           1958

Aaisha Muhammad                            1965

Joseph Owens                                    1966

Jonathan Philan                                  1958

Theresa Smith Mack                         1972

Alfred Terry                                         1970   

Wardine Towers Alexander            1973

Juanita Watkins Banks                    1971

George Whitsey                                  1964

Thomas Winston                                1986

Rosalind Rudolph Young                   1976

Lifetime Memberships

Name                                     Class

James Carden                                   1952

Watson Cole Jr                                  1983

Mary Blackmon Gladney                  1968

Chiquita Holloway                              1990
Delphine Holloway                             1970
Tylesha Holloway                              1992

Anthony McCry                                1966

Cynthia Means Satterwhite            1968

Joseph Owens                                  1966

Laura Peoples                                   1970

Jonathan Philan                                1958

Pamela Rudolph                                1975

Rosalind Rudolph Young                  1976

Alfred Terry                                         1970

2017 Donations

Name                   Class     Amount

Laura Peoples            1970        $1000.00

Margie G Curry            1972          $500.00

Class of 1966                                 $500.00

Doris Mason Watkins 1951         $50.00

Sandra Little Brown    Jeffco   $2000.00

                    2018 Donations

Name                             Class       Amount

Laura Peoples              1970      $1000.00     

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